Radical Imaginations 2019 Forum and Festival • ASU - Tempe • February 22 - 24, 2019

radical imaginations

2019 Theme: Radical Imaginations

The 2019 theme, Radical Imaginations, asked 2019 Local to Global Justice Forum & Festival (February 22-24, 2019) participants to re-imagine our communities as radically different from our present political, environmental, and economic context. When using the word "radical," we meant a complete change in the status quo that challenges systemic and structural injustices in relation to power dynamics, traditional (and divisive) political identities, and embodied activism. Imagining these changes is a critical step in creating alternative political identities and goals that will make our world a more equitable and fair place.

We envisioned Local to Global Justice as a space for community activists to gather freely and exchange these radical imaginations of different futures where structural injustices have been recognized and addressed. For instance, abolitionists and suffragettes envisioned radically different futures that seemed impossible in the 1800s but are embraced today. Issues included, but were not limited to the following:

  • • a world without borders
  • • criminal justice
  • • educational justice
  • • economic justice
  • • health care justice
  • • technological access
  • • Indigenous rights
  • • sustainable environments
  • • gender & sexual justice

WHO?  Individuals and grassroots organizations shared ideas, told stories, and offered insights about organizing and strengthening alliances in the struggle for radically different futures.

WHAT?  Talks, panel discussion, performances, and skill-shares that offered perspectives and methods for creating just outcomes and different possibilities for all our community members and helped us think through the following questions:

  1. 1. What are alternative ways of thinking, organizing, and acting that will help create systematic and systemic changes? How can we envision completely different ways of existing with each other peacefully and equitably?
  2. 2. How can past movements that seemed radical at first inspire present and future political movements?
  3. 3. How do you stay optimistic and hopeful in difficult political times? What are practices of self-care for mental, spiritual, and physical health?
  4. 4. What work is needed to create alliances for transformative change and how can we build and strengthen them?

The 2019 Forum & Festival activities took place February 22, 2019 at Phoenix Hostel and Cultural Center, and February 23-24, 2019 at Arizona State University - Tempe. See the PROGRAM SCHEDULE on this page for additional information.

Local to Global Justice
Local to Global Justice 2019

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