Compassionate Resistance • 17th Annual Local to Global Justice Forum & Festival

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Compassionate Resistance • ASU - Tempe • February 16-18, 2018

The theme of the 2018 Local to Global Justice Forum and Festival, “Compassionate Resistance,” emphasizes standing in solidarity, community building, and face-to-face interactions, to continue building momentum for progressive changes inspired by hope, care, and compassion for each other and our communities. We hope that the discussions and workshops of the 17th annual Local to Global Justice Forum and Festival will inform future actions and resistance movements, both locally and abroad.

Program Schedule

Keynotes, panels, workshops, and entertainment will be added to this page as each is confirmed.

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Friday  •  February 16, 2018  •  6:00 - 9:00 PM

FREE light refreshments and entertainment.

Phoenix Hostel • 1026 North 9th Street • Phoenix. AZ 85006    Map & Directions    More Information

Catering By: Mario Etsitty

  The Rez, an Urban Eatery

  • Free vegetarian food with a Navajo flair.


Madison West

Dramatic reading of Kate Boorstein’s Play,
Hidden: A Gender

"Hidden: A Gender" by Kate Bornstein explores the social construction of gender as informed by capitalism in a wonderfully fun and upsettingly real fashion. The play follows three "gender outlaws" as they explore their own gender identities while asking that the audience participate as well in questioning how they relate to gender.

Actors: Cecalie Fort, Cash Diab, Kealy Hartley

Director: Madison West  
Madison is a graduate student in the School of Social Transformation and the School of Sustainability pursuing her Masters' in Justice Studies and Sustainability. She works with theatre as a tool for social discovery in her research around gender and water access.

Saturday  •  February 17, 2018  •  8:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Farmer Bulding • ASU Tempe Campus

 Map & Directions      What if it rains?

8:30 - 9:30 AM


North side of Farmer Education Building Atrium

morning food & Beverages

Join us on the North side of the Farmer Atrium.

Events taking place all morning on Saturday

Poetry from William the Wonderful

Local poet William the Wonderful will have a table in the atrium breezeway, displaying and discussing his poetry.

Art from Womxn: What does freedom mean to you?

Art from Womxn will be on display near the registration table throughout the morning, on ideas of freedom and justice.

Youth Voices Video Installation: Interviews with Local High School Students YOUTH

Come and listen to local high school students’ perspectives gathered and edited by Tommie Oliverio-Lauderdale and edited by Greg Broburg

Circle of Compassion: Young Hearts for Animal Rights and Justice YOUTH

Asyegul Ciyer Come to the shade structure by the playground to hear about animal rights and justice through stories, activities, and play with puppies!

Compassionate Resistance Machine
Meet at the registration table at 11:15 to take part in this event!

Leora Sapon-Shevin Come help Amaranth the clown put together a compassionate resistance machine usingcreativity, props, and hope to create positive energy!

Protest Signs and Banner Making

Kanyata (Gil) Hathaisarn and Darrien Carter Protest signs and banner making throughout the day

Pranic Healing Clinic (12-2PM)

Carol Crooker Come experience Pranic Healing. Mini-healings will be given following the protocols taught by Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui. Sign up at the registration table.

9:30 AM


Gardening with Ghana COOR 195

  • Janice Kroeger: Associate Professor, Graduate Coordinator, Early Childhood Education, Teaching, Learning & Curriculum, Kent State University
  • Aubrey Ryan, Co-facilitator
  • Solomon Amuzu, Founder & Managing Director, Call to Nature Permaculture Ghana

9:30 – 11:15 AM


Intentional Activism: Leveraging Personal Politics to Support Immigrant's Rights COOR 186

  • Claudia Rivera Garcia, Organizer with Amnesty International ASU and Undocumented Students for Education Equity
  • Dylan Goodwill, Assistant Director of Cultural Coalition, Inc.; Assistant Program Coordinator for Barrett Summer Scholars; Tempe Campus Ambassador for ASU's Higher Education Student Association
  • Shannon Rosset, Area Coordinator for Amnesty International Arizona
  • Eunique Yazzie, Board Member at Emerging Arts Leaders Phoenix; Story-Teller, Designer, and Creative Advocate at Mujeres Del Sol
  • Sebastian Del Portillo Estrada, Organizer at LUCHA (Living United for Change in Arizona)
  • Zahara Teacola, ASU student; Black Lives Matter Metro; Multicultural Solidarity Coalition


Yogis for Social Justice: Facing Racism, Creating Equity L1-84

  • Patricia Melodista

Funding Social Justice COOR 184

  • Elizabeth Venable, Shot in the Dark Phoenix

10:30 AM


Our Voice, Our Vision: A Bridge In/Bridge Out Exercise COOR 120

  • womxn laPWG 1st Artist & Poet Residents

Twin Hearts Meditation: Building Personal and Global Compassion COOR 184

  • Carol Crooker, Pranic Healing

Clean Buses for Healthy Niños ED220

  • Masavi Perea Director of Chispa

Against the Politics of Nonviolence COOR 195

  • Robert Poe

Systematic Inequities: From Education to Societal Integration COOR L1-10

  • Channel Powe candidate for Downtown Justice of the Peace

10:30 – 11:15 AM


Yoga & Appropriation: A Session to Restore and Reflect EDC 220

  • Roopa Singh, South Asian American Perspectives on Yoga in America

11:30 AM


It's all about the Connection: Compassionate Communication COOR 186

  • Sylvia Boutelier

The Ballad or The Beat (Black Dialogue): Black Music and the African Resistance Aesthetic COOR 184

  • Tafari Osayande, Osayande Consulting, LLC

Iran Protests & Trump’s Support: Fake Compassion Aiding an Attempted Soft Coup COOR 195

  • Suzanne Distaso, Vice-Chair, People Demanding Action (Arizona)
  • Moji Agha, Founder, Mossadegh Legacy Institute and Circles of Nonviolence/Community Collaboratives Initiative

Disability Advocacy in the Trump Era COOR L1-10

  • Ed Myers III, Esq.

What is DACA and the Clean Dream Act? COOR 120

  • Daniela Benitez, Membership Service, Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA)
  • Gina Mendez, Civic Engagement Organizer, Arizona Center for Empowerment (ACE)

12:30-2:00 PM


Join us in the Farmer Atrium for a FREE vegetarian lunch and entertainment!
Green New American Vegetarian


Walt Richardson

Walt Richardson

Musical Performance • Farmer Atrium

Tempe favorite Walt Richardson III, has been singing, writing songs and playing guitar as far back as he can remember. At one time he was planning to pursue a career in bio-chemistry. That was when he learned the power of music and live performance. Richardson is host of the popular Walk-in Wednesdays Open Mic Night series and the award-winning Songwriters’ Showcase concert and television series. “In the Spotlight” allows him to continue his support of the live music community.

2:00-3:15 PM


Compassionate Resistance and Immigration Rights EDC 117

Join us for a panel presentation from local activists in the Phoenix area, as they share their experiences on immigration, justice, and compassionate resistance.

Karina Dia de la Ruiz

Karina Ruiz de Diaz

Executive Director, Arizona Dream Act Coalition

Karina Ruiz de Diaz is the current Executive Director at the Arizona Dream Act Coalition, a non-profit dedicated to fight for immigrant youth higher education accessibility as well as immigrant rights. She was born in Mexico City, and has lived in Phoenix, Arizona since 1999 when she immigrated with her parents at the age of 15. She got involved with the dreamers movement after the DACA announcement in 2012, and received DACA status in 2013. She has helped dreamers fill out their DACA applications since 2012, and has actively participated in voter registration efforts with the One Arizona Table, and collaborated with the Mexican Consulate in Phoenix, the Phoenix Union School Districts, and the Foro Dreamers in Movimiento 2016. Karina was recently arrested in a peaceful civil disobedience demonstration at the Senate Building Cafeteria in Washington DC as part of efforts to pass the Clean Dream Act, which would provide permanent protection from deportation and a pathway to citizenship for over 2 million young immigrants in the country.

Vasthy Lamadrid

Vasthy Lamadrid

Student and Co-founder, Undocumented Students for Education Equity (USEE)

Vasthy Lamadrid is a senior at Arizona State University studying Political Science with a teaching certificate. She is also a student worker at DREAMzone and co-founder of Undocumented Students for Education Equity (USEE). She is passionate about educating others about her experience as an undocumented student.

Karyna Jaramillo

Karyna Jaramillo

Defense Coordinator for Trans Queer Pueblo
Karyna Jaramillo is a fierce trans Latina woman who’s fighting every day for immigrant justice. She is the defense coordinator for Trans Queer Pueblo. While at the Eloy Detention Center in 2015, she was humiliated by the jokes and harassment by detention officers and the men. Now she visits and encourages other detainees.

Translated by Carlo Altamirano Allende.

Marie Castro

Maria Castro

Community Organizer for Puente and People United for Justice

Maria Castro is a community organizer for Puente Arizona, as well as People United for Justice. Her mother was deported when she was 12, and, although she has since returned, the fear remains. Castro continues to fight for migrant rights and police reform.

3:30-5:30 PM

afternoon snacks & Beverages

Join us in the Farmer Atrium for FREE beverages and delicious snacks!

3:30-4:30 PM

Direct Action WORKSHOPS

After the Keynote Panel, come to a workshop to learn how to begin organizing in your community, to create opportunities and become involved in compassionate resistance.

A History of Resiliency: Undocumented Students in Action COOR 195

Korina Iribe Romo, Advocacy Director and Co-founder of Undocumented Students for Education Equity

This workshop will cover a timeline of significant events at the national and state level that have shaped and affected the lives of undocumented students up to the current moment we are in. We will also discuss and analyze the concept of direct action and how it directly pertains to the success of immigrant youth movement. Participants will have the opportunity to use some of their new knowledge during a direct action development break out session.

Gender and Sexuality Rights ED 220
Translated by Carlo Altamirano Allende

Teodora Mejia Gaspar, mother, grandmother, activist

I migrated to the US in 2003 searching for my kidnapped daughters. My two daughters are DACAmented, and when one of them told me she identified as queer, I was full of shame and worry. Later she invited me to join the Dreamers movement. After she joined Queer Undocumented Immigrant Project (QUIP), I became the first QUIPmom. That’s when I began my path to acceptance and sharing resources for parents in Spanish using theater as a tool and method. Since then, I have been facilitating Family Acceptance workshop for the Hispanic community.

Direct Action at Work in the Immigrant Youth Movement: Power Won’t be Conceded with Inaction COOR 184

Karina Ruiz de Diaz, Executive Director, Arizona Dream Act Coalition (ADAC)

This workshop will cover the history of direct actions & the role of non-violent direct actions in the immigrant youth movement. The workshop introduces some of the roles and skills needed to prepare, organize and carry out a non-violent direct action. The emphasis in this workshop is on action skills development to take action. Participants will participate in a dialog to answer the following questions: What is non-violent direct action? Where/when has it happen? This workshop goes over the basics of how to use direct action effectively and strategically. Participants will learn how to work as a group in a direct action context, action preparation and interactive role playing. Recently the immigrant youth movement has actively used non-violent direct action as a key tactic. Participants will discuss how non-violent direct action relates to compassionate resistance in the current movement.

Grassroots Organizing for Human Rights COOR 186

Maria Castro Puente Arizona

Maria Castro shares her experiences organizing and putting her body on the line as an immigrant rights organizer with Puente Human Rights Movement. This hands on workshop will engage participants to think about the role of protest and direct action in fighting for human rights. Participants will have an opportunity to make signs and protest props, as well as learn from people on the front lines of Arizona’s immigrant rights movement.

Just Organizing and Activism COOR L1-10

Renaissance, Justice That Works

A presentation and workshop by Justice That Works, focusing on overcoming the systemic oppression both within and without of movement spaces. Justice that Works is a non-profit that works to transition our punishment system to justice systems that are community-oriented.

4:30-5:30 PM

Closing Discussion/Planning for Community Solidarity and Direct Action
EDC 117

Join us for a closing discussion on compassionate resistance, and to plan a community solidarity event for Sunday, February 18th.

Sunday  •  February 18, 2018

DIRECT ACTION to be determined.

A community solidarity event for Sunday will be organized during the Saturday afternoon workshops.
Details for Sunday's community action will be shared at our closing session on Saturday, February 17th.

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