Radical Imaginations

2019 LOCAL TO GLOBAL JUSTICE Forum & Festival

Arizona State University  •  Tempe Campus  •  February 22-24, 2019

This year’s theme, Radical Imaginations, asks participants at the 2019 Local to Global Justice Forum & Festival (February 22-24, 2019) to re-imagine our communities as radically different from our present political, environmental, and economic context. When we use the word "radical," we mean a complete change in the status quo that challenges systemic and structural injustices in relation to power dynamics, traditional (and divisive) political identities, and embodied activism. Imagining these changes is a critical step in creating alternative political identities and goals that will make our world a more equitable and fair place.

Local to Global Justice 2019


Eventbrite - Local to Global Justice 2019: Radical Imaginations (2/22-2/24/19)

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Flora Farago
Flora Farago
Beth Blue Swadener
Beth Blue Swadener
Jennifer Richter
Jennifer Richter
Kim Eversman
Kimberly Eversman
Denisse Roca-Servat
Denisse Roca-Servat

Alberta Journal of Educational Research, Vol. 64.2, Summer 2018

Local to Global Justice: Roles of Student Activism in Higher Education, Leadership Development, and Community Engagement

Flora Farago, Beth Blue Swadener, Jennifer Richter, Kimberly A. Eversman, Denisse Roca-Servat

This study examined how organizing an annual social justice forum and festival through involvement in a multi-issue, progressive, activist student organization called Local to Global Justice (LTGJ; www.localtoglobal.org) impacted students’ academic experiences and professional development (e.g., scholar-activism, critical thinking, applied learning), leadership development, and community engagement and activism.