FAQ Forum & Festival: Frequently Asked Questions

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The Local to Global Justice Forum & Festival is an event for sharing knowledge that doesn't rely on "experts." At this event (formerly known as the "Teach-In"), we recognize that everyone has something to teach and something to learn. And it can be much more productive and empowering to create our own learning space; in this way, it feels more like a festival than a conference. It's similar to the Social Forums that have been held around the world since 2001.
See the schedule of events for details about what's happening this year. Each day there will be several one-hour (+/-) slots for plenary discussions, workshops and keynote addresses, interspersed with breaks to enjoy live music, eat some delicious food, and share time with friends.
Yes, there will be lots of activities for youth ages 3-17. In fact, the Youth Committee is planning a whole lineup of workshops and other activities to be run by young people at the event, with adult participation. To see what kinds of things the Youth Committee is planning, check out this year's schedule.
The Forum & Festival is absolutely FREE of charge. While we certainly appreciate donations, we are dedicated to providing free speakers, food, workshops and entertainment.
At the Farmer Education, Payne Education, and Coor Buildings on the campus of Arizona State University-Tempe. Use this ASU interactive map to guide you.
For a map and driving directions, please visit our General Information page. The buildings are just north of Gammage Auditorium, near the Student Services Building. The nearest major streets are Mill Ave. and Apache Blvd. University campuses can be tricky for parking, so if you are able to bike or take a bus, we recommend it. If you'd like to take the bus from another part of the Phoenix area, the Forum & Festival is right along several Valley Metro routes, and is also very close to the Metro Light Rail route. To plan your trip by bus or light rail, visit www.valleymetro.org. Otherwise, you will find some parking suggestions on this ASU Parking map. If you are coming from outside the Phoenix area and you need or can offer someone a ride, please leave us a message (with your contact information) on our "contact" page.
We will have an ongoing registration table at the event, at the north entrance to the Farmer Education Building at ASU. You do not need to register in advance. While registration is optional, it helps give us an idea of how many people attend. You will receive a program of events at the registration table. We will not contact you in the future unless you want us to, and we will never, ever give your contact info to anyone else.
Yes, FREE delicious food will be offered throughout the event. Sharing a meal is one of the greatest ways to create community, so we encourage you to participate. All meals will be vegetarian or vegan (no meat, dairy, or eggs) to accommodate people with different dietary preferences. Visit the Forum & Festival page for more information.
Yes. Please visit our contact page to send us a message if you need or can offer housing.
Yes! Visit the Proposal page to read this year's Call for Proposals and to complete and submit Forum & Festival panel, workshop, and/or skill-share proposal forms online.
We will have plenty of table space available for non-profit organizations and individuals. Tables are provided on a first-come first-served basis, but please complete a table request in advance if you are planning on tabling. You may have a table whether you are holding a workshop or not.
We rely on volunteers to make the Forum & Festival run smoothly. We need people to help set up, clean up, serve food, run A/V equipment, work the registration table, and much more. If you would be willing to give us an hour or so (or more!) of your time during the Forum & Festival, visit the volunteer page for more information.
The Forum & Festival is run entirely by volunteers on a shoestring budget. We appreciate any monetary support you can provide. Just click here to make a secure online donation. You will also have the opportunity to donate at the event itself.
Spread the word! Send an email out to all your contacts about the Forum & Festival (don't forget to include our URL, www.localtoglobal.org). "Like" us on Facebook, join us on Twitter, and tell all of your friends to do the same!
Local to Global Justice is a working group focused on networking people and organizations in Arizona that are working for justice. See the About Us section for more information.

If you are interested in participating and/or have additional questions, please contact us!